Bottom of Form

He managed to upset  both of his Arab neighbors, and the US and Western European powers who tried  to maintain good relations in order to access Libya’s oil.
Also like other dictators he had a hard time realizing that the people did not like him the way he  imagined they did.
And when the end came, he had a hard time believing that’s crowd gathered outside his palace where there to kill him. Which they did.
Qaddafi was controversial in life and continues to be controversial in death as well. There have been many stories circulating regarding who how and why he was killed. Some of the stories our rumors  and just that’s. Rumors.
Other stories how have some truth while others are what has become a catchy phrase. Fake news.
One of the latest such stories is in fact not new and periodically opponents of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continuously resurface these stories in an effort   to further discredit the person, the party or yet the country.  This is after all an election year.

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